Mapping the World

Mapping the World


Imagine the earth

illustrated in terms of the measurements

of blood surfacing from each country and region and area.

A geographical illustration of the shedding

of the spilling blood

as it mixes and merges and

increases in circumference

and then drips or more accurately perhaps pours

from each originating section of the surface of the planet

but then since the phenomenon and momentum of spinning is also taking place

well then the drops would be spun as well.

Imagine the bleeding globe heaving the web

of stunning and probably exquisite scarlet patterns and designs and trails and traces

which eventually and gradually and finally, we think, evaporates

in the presence of and/or within, who knows of course, a starry

starry  starry  starry  starry  starry

inconsolable universe

shadowed and brilliant by turn.


And then imagine a globe of the world

that illustrates the planet

in terms of the measurement of hope

generated from each country

and region and area of the earth

which of course is not a visible matter

but only a matter of imagination

and, so, difficult to picture

as it’s forms create unknown shapes and motions and colors and densities

so that each one is exquisite and possibly odd and wondrous and quite infectious

and the earth is bounteously and gorgeously flinging its hopeful imaginations

as it giddly circles and turns and circles

in the wild midst of kindred orbiting masses

blindly yet precisely whirling and whirling and whirling.


CC 4/29/16