No Inspiration.


Stuck in this grim lack of motivation all morning.  So here goes an effort to stir up something or other.   I am truly grateful at this moment for the passage of time and states of mind and for the principle of hope.  For the memory of a Yosemite visit when I discovered the potent silence at Hetch-Hetchy Dam. So vibrating with vast and deep and thick and spacious quiet that the huge dam itself became less noticeable than this empty yawning pulsation of hush.

I was one of very few people there that morning. Just a couple of other cars in the parking spaces facing the reservoir and dam wall. I think I recall some sense of fear that mountain lions or bears might be in the nearby woods. I wandered along a shallow rocky shore area for a bit before crossing the concrete walkway bridging the facility and the parking area.  I recollect thinking the quiet reminded me of an LSD or mushroom experience from years back. I wondered if anyone else felt the silence was remarkable, that it had substance. I didn’t speak to any of the 2 or 3 others looking out over the water and no one acknowledged my presence.  We kept our distance.  I didn’t stay long, maybe half an hour. I think about returning. Check on the absence of sounds. See if the place is as it was then.  Maybe stay overnight in one of the small green rental cabins I drove past on the way. Feels sweet to consider it. Not sure if I will ever get back there.


To be continued?? Revisited??


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