She said

when invited to join a memoir writing class at a local senior center, “who wants to write about what you wanna forget?”

“what day is today?” over and over.  My neighbor repeats the news of her close friends memory loss every time I ask how her friend is doing.

she was usually “the most attractive woman in any group” she found herself a part of.  She said it very casually, conversationally,  with a bit of a twinge of “Ethel Merman-ness” swagger. I was not the only other woman present at the time but I think she was primarily addressing the men in our group. She did look good but her manner and statement made me think more of “The Twilight Zone” than jealous or insecure.  Even if all the guys were attracted to her. I’m sure she didn’t even register my presence. Very weird female. With a strong east coast accent-bent words from a bent mind.

we needed to “be frank” with each other. I’d never experienced mama saying such a thing before-much less in this direct earnest caring but almost businesslike manner    Wonder-full surprise of a moment.

from her hospital bed that last night how she didn’t want to leave me but she didn’t want to be here.









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