Neighbor Memories

My San Jose neighbors were colorful to say the very least.  To say the most would include mentioning the family a couple doors down who left their apartment basically black with dirt or soot or something when they left.  They also left their cat inside the studio  apartment. That’s how I got a look inside the place.  Heard this nonstop little meowing in passing and when I looked through the broken window I saw him.  Did I go in through the broken window? Was the door open? Not sure now. Walked through the place with the owner maybe?  I called him I do remember. Drugs or drinking I’m pretty sure.  There was a young girl living there with her mom and maybe someone else? Cannot recall.  She liked my cat Oleander  and the 2 feral ones I fed outside the place so I guess her mom got her the black kitten.  By the time they had moved out he was still young but not a kitten anymore.  After I took the cat into my apartment  I saw the multiple burn marks on its head.Cigarette burns it looked like. And the cat was a biter. No wonder. Kittens don’t get born as biters.  Those adults in that apartment holding a cigarette to its head over and over would definitely get it to be hostile.  I called  animal control to come get the young cat. Somehow I had managed to get  him into my cat carrier.  I warned the anumal control guy to be careful because of the biting.  I think he wore gloves but as I recall he just took my cautionary tip in stride until he had the little guy in his hands.  Then he saw for himself. Said something like “Oh yeah.  This ones a hard case.” Something along those lines.  He got the little cat in a cage inside the truck and took off. Have no idea where that cat ended up.


Another neighbor in that same apartment building who lived directly below me played loud rock music on and on and the walls and floors in this place were not what you’d call sound proofed. Very maddening. Since they also seemed like checked-out druggies and/or really uneducated and loud talking I was hesitant to just request that they lower the volume.  So.  Brilliant idea of mine was to rap on the floor a few times  with my broomstck next time they blasted their rock.  Brilliant yeah? Well that just got everything in motion.  Next thing I know this guy charges upstairs and begins pounding on my door and yelling about how dare I rap my broom at him or something.  I did not open the door I don’t think as I was pretty alarmed by then. A few days later maybe I ran  into him on the stairs. He  started going on and on about how he was a child of god too in this mad and sort of hurt offended tone.  I was still kind of shocked at the guys reactivity and just didnt say much very I dont think.  Mostly felt embarrassed and guilty that I hadn’t just made a simple request that they lower the volumn but had instead amped all up with the btoomstick rapping.  Then a few days later I ran into him in the carport/driveway area and he actually apologized to me.  I was kind of wowed and by then had realized my poor behavior part in it all too.  I think I managed to say something briefly about me regretting the broom stick part too. This was basically all done in passing.  Neither of us seemed interested in stopping what we were doing and formally clearing the air but I do remember feeling relieved somewhat.  I think they moved soon after because I do not recall hearing the loud music again.


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